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Information Parity Reflects the Hard fork-Update for $ 160 million in the Ether Frozen

Title :  Parity Reflects the Hard fork-Update for $ 160 million in the Ether Frozen
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User :  Goltizuru
Date of publication :   2019-09-09
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Frames Parity Reflects the Hard fork-Update for $ 160 million in the Ether Frozen

Description Parity Reflects the Hard fork-Update for $ 160 million in the Ether Frozen

The equality Technologies has released an update on its investigation into the multi-signature wallet error permanently froze hundreds of millions of dollars in the ether. Unfortunately, for the purse of the owner, the analysis of all the turnkey solutions has not yet been revealed.

In the last week, 587 portfolios with a total of 513,774.16 ether-a value of $ 161 million euro have been locked on the current exchange rate -- permanently, due to the exploitation of a vulnerability in the library for a Treaty on the equality of multi-sig portfolio.

Even if, at least in the start-up company, of the error of the view that the exploit was intended, the is a prevailing theory is that a developer is inexperienced, and not accidentally, causing the error that it gave, he, or his control over the equality of the library contract for the most part. After the accession to the structure of the contract library, he or she freaked out and the "suicide" of the contract, which was referenced in the all the Same-based multi-sig-portfolios. As a result of the transaction of funds in all 587 interested in multi-sig-portfolios, you are frozen, cannot be achieved, the owner or someone else.

This is the second time this year that a significant number, same vulnerability, at the cost of the multi-sig-the portfolio of the user. Several months ago, about $ 32 million dollars in funds that were stolen after a hacker has a fault, separately from the organization's multi-sig portfolio. But, the difference compared to previous hacks, the affected land of this error are frozen -- not stolen, so that the developers have the time, explore the potential solutions for the recovery, the funds for the purse of the owner.

In this last update, which speaks of equality, that his team is working on a wide acceptance of the solution to help the Central unlock". The post drive EIP156, an improvement of the Ethereum proposal, to help users, the means to retrieve returns "locked" in the past, various problems, including the aftereffects of the disc on the fork, which has led to the ethereum classic. EIP156 need to be implemented by a disc-fork, so that a lot of people are afraid that the activation is due to a different blockchain split. As a result, some developers have suggested that a component of the "Constantinople", a log of the upgrade is planned for 2018, as a follow-up to Byzantium.

Answer this less-than-ideal situation, the suggested equality, a tone apologetic. "We deeply regret the impact that caused this situation, the said between our users and within the community," equality's founder, Jutta Steiner. "We try to find a solution as soon as possible, and we thank you all for the support we have experienced until now."

In the meantime, start-ups and agencies, where the funds are currently not accessible to be patient and hope that the ethereum prices do not fall, the first solution implemented.

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Comments Parity Reflects the Hard fork-Update for $ 160 million in the Ether Frozen

TAE Rebel ThailanD
Very good
Comment from : TAE Rebel ThailanD

Anna Sweetangel
tried 100 times. team does not work for me
Comment from : Anna Sweetangel

Artur Ivanov
Всегда смотрите по первой волне, тогда можно определить, хвтает ли огневой мощи, или нужны маги или стуннеры.
Comment from : Artur Ivanov

Artur Ivanov
Он не правильно подобрал героев, берет перевесом силы, с правильным подбором на 58-59 уровне должно легко проходится, причём на автомате, если вручную, то можно пройти в любом случае, автомат сьедает эффективность. Герои на три короны прима-синяя, алая молния-синяя, рыцарь роз-синяя, зажигалка-зеленая, бумгильда- синяя. Прохождение на автомате со 2 волны, затем отключите автомат заранее, в самом начале босса, вручную, бумгильдой и молнией снесите примадонну, дальше можно включить автомат.
Comment from : Artur Ivanov

Dmitriy Kirichenko
Сборище балаболов!!!! Я всеми золотыми не могу пройти!!!!!! И автору просто повезло)))))
Comment from : Dmitriy Kirichenko

Alira Neyn
Еще Пройдоха грязь кидает, можно ставить вместо рыцаря смерти
Comment from : Alira Neyn

Ciclo Ray
Я её прошёл на 56 уровне. Герои зеленые
Comment from : Ciclo Ray

YuR Play
1:50. Привет, Здоровяк!
Comment from : YuR Play

Valeriy Kovalenko
кто проходил на 3 звезды 59ыми не донатными героями? Если это возможно скажите кем, а лучше видео, спасибо!
Comment from : Valeriy Kovalenko

Стелла Исаханян
Есть видео где парень на 57 уровне синими герами проходил и без всяких там донатных героев)))
Comment from : Стелла Исаханян

Влад Мулер
таким же составом,ток фул 6 и голд все.. в конце убить ну никак не получается
Comment from : Влад Мулер

Mitchel House
я прошел эту подземку на 59 лвл с заяц(золото) рыцарь роз(фиолетовый) зажигалка(синий) Брунгильда(синий) примадонна(синий) при этом очень важно соблюдать определенные действия и пройти первый этап с 5 героями на втором как я не крутил зажигалку сносят (хотя этого можно избежать) и третий на изи.
Comment from : Mitchel House

Анна Рождественская
В клан приём идёт у вас? (37кк мощи)

Comment from : Анна Рождественская

Дмитрий Кравченко
снимай битвы и т.д!!!!
Comment from : Дмитрий Кравченко

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